600+ Attendees | 80+ Speakers | 300+ Sovereign, Company & FI Debtors | 20+ Countries

There has never been a extra well-known 2nd to assemble debtors, investors, bankers, policy makers and market practitioners to allotment files, debate and network.

As Latin The United States pilots a route out of the extensive Lockdown, the company & investment banking community will reach collectively to construct up on-the-floor market intelligence, be taught from industry consultants, time desk a year’s rate of 1-2-1 conferences and breeze a long way from Bonds & Loans Latin The United States having moved their companies ahead.

  • Latin The United States’s most attention-grabbing virtual corporate and investment banking event
  • Hear right a long way from and order sms låne your customers and new industry opportunities about their financing needs.
  • Construct significant insights into essentially the most modern market trends sms låne expert-led panel discussions.
  • Truly pan-Latin American attendance, and sms låne the earn format now sms låne a world reach
  • sms låne all market practitioners grounded, the panel/shows surroundings the scene for the virtual 1-to-1s are your most efficient opportunity to fulfill new industry.

In case you are attracted to collaborating in this virtual event as a speaker or sponsor, please electronic mail [email protected]sms låneiaGroup.com for additional files. To register and stable your delegate label CLICK HERE

Wednesday 2nd December 2020

All times Eastern Typical Time (UTC-5)

08: 55 Opening remarks

09: 00 Optimising capital structures in a disaster: How top tier corporates occupy adapted the finance and investments sms lånein the center of and in accordance sms låne the health disaster

  • How has altering person behaviour and swap disruption affected corporates’ funding methods sms lånein the sms låneium-term?
  • Assessing capital structures pre and submit pandemic: How occupy corporates optimised their steadiness sheets to retain a ambitious liquid region?
  • How will a submit-COVID economy have an effect on the potential of Multi-Latin companies to stable brand-aggressive funding?

Esteban Piedrahita Montoya,
Chief Financial Officer, Celsia

Jorge Padilla, Chief Financial Officer, Grupo Kuo

Jorge Tabares, Chief Financial Officer, Grupo Energía Bogotá (GEB)

Arthur Rubin, Managing Director, Head of Debt Capital Markets, Latin The United States, SMBC Nikko Securities The United States

Daniel Kastholm, Managing Director, Regional Team Head, Latin The United States Corporates, Fitch Ratings

Moderated by: Rodrigo García de León, Government Director, Debt Capital Markets,

09.45 World oil brand outlook: What’s going to the submit-COVID equilibrium brand be?

  • World inquire of versus offer: How well-known of the disruption is the total system down to COVID-19 and the arrangement well-known is a longer-term shift?
  • Elections, swap, and oil: How are geopolitics inclined to affect the cost of oil in 2021?
  • Transition and transformation: Traits in oil and gas asset valuations and the affect of ESG on the petroleum industry
  • Heed outlook for 2021: The put will oil brand stabilise?

10.15 How are more than just a few Latin authorities’s responding to volatility in a submit-Covid economy? How well-known funding conclude governments need and which markets will they access?

  • How efficient are the fiscal and financial measures to seize the Latin American economies?
  • Sovereign liquidity and debt management: How well-known extra funding is mandatory to bring on their financial plans?
  • Supporting native issuers to access the worldwide and native markets: What are authorities plans?

José Olivares Canchari, Head of Public Credit, Ministry of Finance and Public Credit, Republic of Peru

Luis Felipe Fundamental, Head of Public Credit, Nationwide Treasury, Republic of Brazil

María José Martínez, Vice Minister, Public Debt Place of work, Ministry of Finance, Dominican Republic

Moderated by: Alexei Remizov, Managing Director, World Capital Markets, HSBC

11.00 Ratings and capital flows: How are downgrades going to affect investor inquire of for Latin American credit ranking?

  • Ratings, cliff likelihood and the capital markets: How will downgrades affect capital flows in Latin The United States?
  • What the yield: Analysing sovereign curves and native passion rates to assess upcoming issuance and capital markets exercise

Prick Eisinger, Portfolio Manager, Co-Head of World Rising Markets Active Mounted Profits, Vanguard

Graham Stock, Partner, Senior Sovereign Strategist, Rising Markets, BlueBay Asset Administration

Julyana Yokota, Senior Director and Sector Lead, World Infrastructure Ratings, S&P World Ratings

11.45 Transitioning finance: Why issuers will extra and additional incorporate ESG and SDG-linked bonds and loans to drive down brand of funding

  • USD vs. native forex, inexperienced vs. vanilla: How does pricing for a USD denominated inexperienced transaction compare to vanilla? How does this swap when native forex?
  • E vs. S. vs G: How well-known importance are issuers placing on each of the three ESG criterion when seeking to discipline?
  • Bank vs. capital market financing: The put can doable issuers offer funding to recede inexperienced? How does the cost of funding compare?

Andrés García, Managing Director, World Client Protection Colombia, BBVA

Adriana Cruz Felix, Head of Sustainable Finance Be taught, Vigeo Eiris

Aaron E. Franklin, Government Director, Head of Sustainable Finance, SMBC

Moderated by: Francisco Romano Smith, Director, Funding Banking, Banco Sabadell

12.30 Underwriting and syndicating loans in 2021: Who’s lending, at what brand and on what terms?

  • Underwriting syndications vs club offers: Which structures are banks favouring as we head into 2021?
  • Assessing native market liquidity: How conclude native banks’ budge for food for providing friendly pricing and tenor fluctuate across Latin The United States?
  • To what extent are worldwide banks interesting to lend on lengthy-term projects, if there are ranking downgrades on the horizon?

Monica Macia, Head of Syndicated Loans, Americas, HSBC

Santiago Giraldo López, Chief Financial Officer, Tecnoglass

Felipe Pinto, Director, Mizuho

Sara Pirzada, Managing Director, Head of Loan Syndications, Americas, SMBC

13.15 Offshore investors of native forex bonds issued below worldwide legislation: Unbundling the complexities of recede-border restructuring

  • One dimension doesn’t match all: How to restructure debt nation-by-nation, jurisdiction-by-jurisdiction
  • What might maybe maybe maybe composed collectors and debtors search files from earlier than entering a restructuring?
  • Reprofiling vs. haircuts: What methods are more than just a few Latin worldwide locations taking to restructure debt?

Carlos Fradique-Mendez, Partner, Capital Markets & Challenge Finance, Brigard Urrutia


14.00 How will the brand new US administration’s financial agenda have an effect on Mexico’s personal financial policy and market exercise?

  • MXP pegged to the USD and ratification of USMCA: How occupy US passion rates and swap relationships impacted capital flows in and out of Mexico?
  • What conclude investors, lenders and issuers search files from to peep from Mexican financial policy and fiscal developments to wait on financial recovery in 2021?
  • What affect will Mexican mid-term elections occupy on FDI for vitality and infrastructure projects in 2021/22?

Mario Correa, Chief Economist, México, Scotiabank

14.45 How can native Mexican issuers access funding in 2021? Are both the bonds and loans markets readily accessible choices? What structures are readily accessible for lengthy-term funding?

  • How conclude Mexican treasury and funding teams elaborate ongoing market volatility? What conclude debtors have to peep earlier than coming abet to market?
  • Assessing corporate funding methods pre and submit pandemic: How conclude treasurers now gape lengthy-term funding?
  • Afores, Fibras and bank funding: Working out the diversified funding choices readily accessible to restart capital market exercise

Fernando Álvarez, Chief Financial Officer, Fibra UNO

Carlos Enrique Ochoa Valdes, Chief Financial Officer, Credito Proper

Roberto Guerra, Total Manager, PCR Verum

15.30 What’s the station of Mexican vitality projects submit-COVID?

  • What are the authorities’s plans to seize capital into the personal vitality sector? The put is the authorities procuring for this investment?
  • How can Mexican developers re-take worldwide passion for vitality projects?
  • How will renewable projects be financed submit 2021/22? Which markets might maybe maybe maybe furthermore be tapped to access new capital? For the potential lengthy will vitality tariffs remain true?
  • ECAs, DFIs and IFIs: Will their budge for food to lend to vitality projects in Mexico swap in mild of the slowdown of vitality auctions? How can developers stable extra funding from these lenders?

Mauricio del Valle, Chief Financial Officer, Saavi Energia

Jose Antonio Aguilar, Fundamental and Chairman, Vive Energia

16.15 Close of day one

Thursday third December 2020

All times Eastern Typical Time (UTC-5)


06.00 How well-known of the COVID-triggered financial stress temporary and the arrangement well-known has exposed Brazil’s existing structural weaknesses?

  • How well-known of the COVID disaster is structural and the arrangement well-known is cyclical? How will Brazil jump-abet in 2021 and 2022?
  • World financial ramifications of COVID-19: How does a globally modified economy and market affect Brazil’s strategic positioning?
  • Oil sustainability vs. world digitisation: How will structural adjustments to the economy affect industry, infrastructure and swap-drift in and out of Brazil?

Mario Mequita, Chief Economist, Banco Itau

06.45 Deepest credit ranking as an asset class in Brazil: What’s the industry case for lenders and debtors?

  • Why it is very principal to occupy that which probabilities are you’ll maybe sms låneiate of choices to debt sms lånein the brand new native climate
  • What products are banks and non-public equity homes providing if debtors seize to access different funding?
  • What requirements conclude investors and debtors have to peep from lenders earlier than they decide for different credit ranking?
  • Why are extra lenders leaning in the direction of non-public credit ranking sms lånein the Brazilian market?
  • What steps the authorities taking to wait on watch over these different products?

Santiago de la Fuente, Senior Consultant, Apollo World Administration

Daniel Eskinazi, Head of Credit Alternate choices, GEF Capital

Guilherme Ferreira, Managing Partner, Jive Investimentos

Moderated by: Domicio dos Santos Neto, Partner, Santos Neto Advogados

07.30 How does the Brazilian authorities thought to fund its privatisation programme?

  • How well-known capital is mandatory to fund privatising the sanitation, infrastructure and oil and gas sectors?
  • How does the drive to privatise publicly held resources stable extra fiscal discipline?
  • Are they planning to elevate funds sms lånein the native and/or worldwide capital markets?

Moderated by: Steven Sandretto, Partner, Holland & Knight

08.15 Structured debt: Picks for debtors locked out of the Brazilian debentures market

  • Who are the brand new gamers coming to the structured debt market following adjustments to CVM legislation on FIDCs?
  • How has COVID-19 impacted budge for food to search distressed debt?
  • What conclude debtors will deserve to occupy in tips earlier than having access to the structured debt market?
  • Why are investors extra and additional trying in the direction of CRAs and CRIs as kindly investment sms lånein the brand new native climate? To what extent will their passion enhance the staunch property sector?
  • What steps have to be taken to kickstart the Brazilian debenture market?

Bruno Gomes, Head of Different Investments, CVM

Michael Fridman, Partner, Creep Capital

09.00 Brazil’s Originate Banking Regulation: How are non-bank financing solutions opening up the native markets for new lenders?

  • Working out the Originate Banking timeline: How interesting are financial institutions to file on data sharing? Will all data sharing instruments be integrated by November 2021?
  • Will elevated legislation for challenger banks and delivery-up payment platforms level the playing discipline between fintech that which probabilities are you’ll maybe sms låneiate of choices and frail bank products?
  • What opportunities are readily accessible for new digital lending and payment platforms in this data-sharing atmosphere?
  • What affect will quicker payments and introduction of the Central Bank’s Digital Forex (CBDC) in 2022 occupy on competitors sms lånein the banking sector?

Edson Bastos, Deputy Secretary for Microeconomic Policy and Infrastructure Finance, Ministry of Financial system, Republic of Brazil


09.45 How to building, bundle and distribute sub-investment grade bonds to native and worldwide investors

  • Challenge vs. vanilla vs. infrastructure: What’s the optimal dimension, brand and building for a bond in a sub investment grade atmosphere?
  • Distressed resources vs. senior unsecured debt: How are investors pricing more than just a few lending choices across the Andean region? How does this affect the potential a bond is structured?
  • How conclude better priced portfolios and lack of access to capital affect how worldwide investors brand Colombian credit ranking?

Paul Bringas, Chief Financial Officer, COFIDE

Juan Sebastian Restrepo, Head of Investments AFP, Insurance & Product Innovation , Skandia

10.30 Greenback funding for native projects: How to re-attract worldwide investors to Colombia’s 5G infrastructure programme

  • How well-known exterior investment is mandatory to reinforce the 5G infrastructure drive?
  • How conclude hedging charges and potential to reconcile forex have an effect on the variety of investors who are interesting to put money on the desk?
  • Bank funding vs. multilateral vs. capital markets: Which is essentially the most easy avenue to seize liquidity and reignite investor budge for food?

Estefanía León, Funding Director, John Laing

David Gonzalez, Managing Director, Head of Challenge & Structured Finance, Latin The United States, SMBC

11.15 How to restructure capital and refinance offers in Colombia and Peru sms låne non-public credit ranking

  • What products are banks and non-public equity homes providing if Colombian debtors seize to access different funding?
  • Which Colombian funds can access non-public credit ranking?
  • Why turn to equity in this perilous native climate? Why no longer tap the debt market?


12.00 Past IMF: What structural reforms will investors have to peep in Argentina to revive their lengthy flee self belief?

  • Tax reforms vs. hyper inflation: Importance of pricing in inflation earlier than enforcing reform
  • How will the 2021 mid-term election affect the administration’s potential to drive reforms?

Andres Borenstein, Chief Economist, Econviews

12.45 PPPs, mission bonds and collateral: How can Southern Cone governments and issuers building and fund their vitality and infrastructure projects?

  • How can governments repackage offtaker agreements to manufacture them extra fair to worldwide investors and developers?
  • What more than just a few avenues, except for multilaterals are on the desk for financing projects to a short closing date?
  • What new collateral is readily accessible for Uruguayan and Paraguayan debtors who have to discipline new debt?
  • sms låne US buck funding restricted, to what extent is are the native market deep ample for corporates to access the funding they need?

Emerson de Pieri, Managing Partner, Halliwell Investments Mercosur

13.30 Close of convention

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